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Need2Know specialise in self-help guides aimed at parents, students, teachers and the inquisitive.

Need2Know books cover a vast range of subjects - from special educational needs to hobbies, work and business to dieting - with the aim to provide you ‘Everything you need to know – in words you understand’.

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Living With Breast Cancer

Living with Breast Cancer

The treatment you’re receiving, the stage the cancer is at and any number of other factors can determine the effect it has on your daily life. If you need it, there are a number of different forms of help right…

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Can People With Asthma Smoke?

Can People with Asthma Smoke?

Short answer: Yes. People with asthma are physically capable of smoking. Long answer: No. Smoking – or even just spending time with people while they smoke – can bring on asthma symptoms in the best cases and asthma attacks in…

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Growing Up With Down’s Syndrome

Growing Up with Down’s Syndrome

Children with Down’s syndrome learn and grow in different ways and and at different speeds. They each have their own unique strengths, interests, talents and needs. In their first years of life, your child will develop through moving, having fun…

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What Causes Insomnia?

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia is a very common disorder that affects sleep. The diagnosis is given to someone if they’re unable to go to sleep, feel unrested after sleep or consistently wake up too early for at least three months, at least three…

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