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Need2Know specialise in self-help guides aimed at parents, students, teachers and the inquisitive.

Need2Know books cover a vast range of subjects - from special educational needs to hobbies, work and business to dieting - with the aim to provide you ‘Everything you need to know – in words you understand’.

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Bullying: What Does It Mean?

Bullying: What Does It Mean?

Bullying happens in lots of schools all over the world, and affects many students in those schools. The way in which a school deals with the problem is what really decides whether school life will be miserable or fun. Bullying…

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Types Of Testicular Cancer

Types of Testicular Cancer

When healthy cells in a testicle begin to change and grow in an abnormal, uncontrolled way, a mass or “tumour” forms and the patient is said to have testicular cancer. This condition is also known as testis cancer. If the…

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