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Essential Guides

The Need2Know Essential Guides use day to day language to fully explain a variety of common ailments and issues. With far more information than is usually available on-line our books give a comprehensive view of readily diagnosed illnesses: cancers, diabetes, to the more subjective conditions including autism; bipolar disorder and many more. We also have a range of health books covering topics such as: cholesterol, child obesity, children’s nutrition, vegan and student cooking. As well as fitness books for exercise and strength training.

Books on Men's Health

It is generally perceived that men pay less attention to their health compared to women.

The Essential Guides helps to redress this imbalance with books aimed at conditions affecting men in particular: testicular cancer and prostate cancer which are popular concerns.

Books on Women's Health

Whilst most of the books are relevant to both genders some of them are, in particular, for a female readership, these include: breast cancer and postnatal depression.

Latest Blog Post

What Should I Know about Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer accounts for 13% of all new cancer cases in the UK, and is the most common cancer found only in men. Around 130 people are diagnosed with prostate cancer every day, adding up to around 47,700 new prostate cancer cases in the UK every year. In males in…

What Is Alcohol Dependence?

Before we can properly begin discussing any particular aspect of alcoholism or alcohol dependence, we need to pin down a clear definition of the condition. Also known as “Alcohol Dependence Syndrome”, alcoholism is clearly defined in four ways: cravings, no control, physical reliance and capacity. For someone living with alcoholism,…

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Need2Know books cover a vast range of subjects – from special educational needs to hobbies, work and business to dieting – with the aim to provide you ‘Everything you need to know – in words you understand’.

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