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COVID-19 And The Silent Killers Of Men

COVID-19 and the Silent Killers of Men

Men’s Health Week runs from the 15th – 21st June and this year’s theme is Take Action on COVID-19. In recent years focus on men’s health has taken centre stage as shocking statics report that one in five men die before the age of 65. Current figures report that men are twice as likely to die from COVID-19 than women and ethnic minorities are at an even higher risk. Need2Know Books explores the silent killers that surround the health of men from common diseases such as cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and the current pandemic of COVID-19.

The statistics are clear more men are dying from COVID-19 than women. These are documented facts researched by The World Health Organization (WHO) who has reported that 63 percent of deaths related to COVID-19 in Europe have been among men. The reasons for the disparity between the sexes are not fully clear but some of the driving issues relate to biology and genetics and simply bad health habits.  Dr Stephen Berger, an infectious disease expert says, “Some of the underlying reasons why COVID-19 may be more deadly for men than women may include the fact that heart disease is more common in elderly men than in elderly women.” In addition, he says “Genetics may also play a big role, women because of their extra X chromosome, have a stronger immune system and response to infections than men.”

Outside of COVID-19 men’s health has been seriously at risk from silent killers for many decades from a variety of contributing factors. Men’s top health concerns include: heart health such as cardiovascular issues like cholesterol; cancers such as testicular, bowel or prostate; diabetes and high blood pressure; depression and suicide; alcohol and liver disease; and accidental injuries.

Heart disease is by far the leading cause of death in men over 50, typically caused by smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. Warning signs include discomfort or heaviness in the chest, palpitations or breathlessness, which – if left untreated – can lead to strokes or heart attacks. The Essential Guide to Cholesterol by Sara Kirkham, is a useful book that helps readers manage cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Other books by Sara Kirkham include Weight loss the Essential Guide and Food for Health which are both invaluable resources to learn how to control weight and get the most nutrition from food to boost the immune system.

Cancers are one of the biggest silent killers among men and there are around 165,000 cancer deaths in the UK every year, that’s around 450 every day (2015-2017). Testicular cancer is the most common for men aged 20 to 35, with around 2,000 new diagnoses each year in the UK. Bowel Cancer otherwise known as colon or rectal cancer, is a common cancer especially in the over 60’s. In the UK, 1 in 7 men will develop cancer of the prostate. Essential Guides written especially for men that address these issues include: Testicular Cancer the Essential Guide; Prostate Cancer the Essential Guide; and Bowel Cancer the Essential Guide.

Rates of type 2 diabetes are soaring in the UK, in men, women and shockingly even children. Changes in lifestyle such as getting exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can help alleviate symptoms and reverse this condition. Useful for men is the Essential Guide to Diabetes which discusses the diabetic condition and the differences between type 1 and type 2 with advice on how to manage the condition.

Fitness is one of the most effective ways men can fight adverse health conditions. Men’s Fitness in 15 Minutes is a ’unique’ plan that anyone from 18 – 80 can do to quickly reach optimum fitness in just 15 minutes a day. The Essential Guide to Weight Training for Men explains the step-by-step process of devising a training program using weights.

Although there are many silent killers that can contribute to the deterioration of men’s health there are a variety of ways to overcome these threats. Need2Know’s Books give readers valuable information quickly and easily without unnecessary jargon. They are available from Amazon in paperback and as kindles or from the website:

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