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Essential Guides

The Need2Know Essential Guides use day to day language to fully explain a variety of common ailments and issues. With far more information than is usually available on-line our books give a comprehensive view of readily diagnosed illnesses: cancers, diabetes, to the more subjective conditions including autism; bipolar disorder and many more. We also have a range of health books covering topics such as: cholesterol, child obesity, children’s nutrition, vegan and student cooking. As well as fitness books for exercise and strength training.

Books on Men's Health

It is generally perceived that men pay less attention to their health compared to women.

The Essential Guides helps to redress this imbalance with books aimed at conditions affecting men in particular: testicular cancer and prostate cancer which are popular concerns.

Books on Women's Health

Whilst most of the books are relevant to both genders some of them are, in particular, for a female readership, these include: breast cancer and postnatal depression.

Latest Blog Post

COVID-19 and the Silent Killers of Men

Men’s Health Week runs from the 15th - 21st June and this year’s theme is Take Action on COVID-19. In recent years focus on men’s health has taken centre stage as shocking statics report that one in five men die before the age of 65. Current figures report that men…

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There are many concerns about children and Covid-19 and now more than ever it is important that parents and care givers ensure that children receive a nutritious diet so that their immune systems are nice and strong. That’s why Need2Know Books are giving readers the chance to win a free copy of The Essential Guide to Children’s Nutrition. It’s easy to enter the competition simply follow the link below to find out more.

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Make The Right Choice & Choose Need2Know

Need2Know Books are published by BX Plans Ltd. owner of BX Plans and Perfect-Pet Books. Our books have been specially written to provide valuable information to help find answers to a variety of health and mental health issues as well as diet and exercise.

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