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Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Mattress

Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Mattress

This is a guest post from Cindy Walker

Studies say it’s important to get enough sleep and a good quality of sleep, but what if the mattress you sleep on doesn’t promote a healthy sleep quality?

Yes, if you wake up with an achy back or a feeling of tiredness, then your mattress might be to blame.

Let us walk you through some facts in this post that will help you better understand the connection between your mattress and your sleep.


While insomnia can be a result of a variety of sleep related issues, a poor mattress can certainly be one of them. After all, about 90% people believe that a good mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

No Help with Your Stress

Getting a good night’s sleep is believed to help lower your stress levels, but this isn’t always the case. And if you feel just as stressful waking up as before going to the bed, then your mattress has probably gotten too old to help with your stress.

Generally speaking, mattresses older than 8 years don’t do a good job of reducing your stress levels and may need to be replaced.

Trigger Allergies

An extremely old mattress can also lead to various types of allergies, as it may be home to millions of dust mites not visible to the naked eyes.

While cleaning it from time to time can certainly help significantly reduce this risk, it doesn’t remain a solution anymore once your mattress gets too old.

Some statistics reveal that about 20 million Americans fall prey to different types of allergies every year, so it makes sense to replace your mattress in time to not be one of them.

Cause Back Pain

Not just old, but even new mattresses can cause back pain. This is because not all new mattresses offer the right support, especially including the ones like ultra-plush mattress, as they do not allow for a healthy curvature in your lower back when sleeping.

A good way to be sure about this is to sleep on your mattress before buying it.

Fail to Help with Fatigue

A good night’s sleep always helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue. If it doesn’t, then you may want to find out if your mattress has something to do with it.

As older mattresses offer a significantly lower sleep quality, it makes sense to replace it for a better sleep quality if it has gotten too old.

Cause Body Aches

Body aches are common with older mattresses, too, because they often go through a lot of wear and tear that lead to lumps forming on their surface.

They might not seem harmful, but can certainly harm your lower body over a period of time.

Offer a Poor Support

Many times, old mattresses also have their springs getting damaged, which, in turn, translates to a poor support for your neck and back.

You can tell if this is the case with your mattress if it produces a creaking sound when you move around in it.

For more information about insomnia, check out The Essential Guide to Insomnia from Need2Know Books, which covers the sleep process and the symptoms of insomnia, allowing the reader to identify the key causes to their condition. Whatever the cause of your insomnia, you deserve to sleep soundly.


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