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This book has been written with the average reader in mind; all the information compiled is easy to understand.  It is a great book for anyone who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer or for those who fear the diagnosis of testicular cancer.

The volume walks the reader through each step, starting from the self-examination all the way through diagnosis, treatment, recovery and returning back to normal after the fight. By reading through this book, readers will gain a better understanding of the condition and will have all the information necessary to empower themselves to fight the cancer successfully and react appropriately to the changes that are about to come.

This book explores the issues in a detailed and practical way, so that both sufferers from self-harm and their nearest and dearest can begin to deal with this terrible compulsion. How do we feel? What do we do when we realise that someone is self harming? How can we move past our own powerful feelings, to change a mindset that has become focused upon self destruction?

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