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How Can My Phone Help Me Stay Motivated?

How Can My Phone Help Me Stay Motivated?

8 Fitness Apps & Why Not All Screens Are Bad For You

Checking in after workouts and counting calories were once the primary use of fitness apps. While those are very useful functions, the newer fitness apps have so many different functions that they put their ancestors to shame. Tailored workouts are the new order of the day, and there are dozens of great apps out there designed to provide just that. Fitness apps are a great way to make your average day healthier, whether you’re a technology fanatic or someone with no interest in apps and software.

It’s not easy to get in shape, even when you follow a regular fitness programme. Getting fit can be fun, though! There are loads of great fitness apps out there which have been created to help users keep track of their routine with a range of easy-to-use features. Here are just a few of our favourites.

1. My Fitness Pal


With seemingly endless capabilities, My Fitness Pal has been favoured by top publishers for some time. This app offers unparalleled customisation for each of its assets, helping your workout by recording caloric intake and logging your exercise stats, as well as helping you change any habits that stand in the way of reaching your goals.

2. MMA Mixed Martial Arts

(App Store)

This app is full of easy-to-follow martial arts videos which will inspire you in no time! Your martial arts training programme will get a real boost when you learn new moves from the pros. Developed by a military grade Jiu Jitsu expert, MMA Mixed Martial Arts is packed with demonstrations and detailed instructions.

3. Sworkit


Whether you have the 40 minutes recommended by physical trainers or just 5 minutes between classes, Sworkit helps users to dodge the most common barrier to fitness – a lack of time – by using customised programs that allow you to fit a targeted, substantial workout into whatever time you have.

4. Nike Training Club

(App Store / Google Play)

Stay in shape and build your fitness by joining one of the world’s biggest fitness communities. It’s easy to follow the many special workouts featured on the app. They were created by leading fitness instructors to be fun and effective!

5. Aaptiv


You can get going with Aaptiv after just one short fitness quiz to pin down your goals. Whether you want to work out outside, in the gym or at home on a yoga mat, this app will set you up with the perfect workout.

6. Fight Trainer

(App Store)

If you’re into Muay Thai, MMA or boxing, this is the ultimate training app for you. You’ll be kept on your toes thanks to the large number of features that mean there’s always something new to learn, and the app as a whole has been created to replicate the experience of a training session with a professional trainer.

7. Beachbody on Demand


Conquer your fitness goals with Beachbody On Demand – an app which provides streaming access to hundreds of amazing workouts as well as a range of tools that will help you work on your overall health.

8. HIIT Interval Training Timer

(Google Play)

Various different types of training programmes can benefit from the stopwatch and countdown timer functions of this simple app. Get the most out of your workout by logging your training sessions, and be sure that you’re always staying on target.

It’s Easier than Ever to Stay in Shape

Just by living our lives, most of us manage to get a certain amount of exercise every day. Some of us find ourselves on our feet all day long, while others only end up walking, cycling or wheeling to and from the office. If you enter your height and weight, many fitness apps are able to figure out how many calories you’re burning and how many steps you’re taking on a regular day, which is a great way to figure out if you need to add much more activity.

Once you’ve set them up, some apps can help you keep fit without even opening them. With these apps, getting fit and staying fit doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are also plenty of things that an app can do if you’re just starting your fitness routine, such as counting calories, providing instructions for home workouts and building workout plans. Having an app that tracks your fitness level may seem a little odd at first. But they’re a fantastic way to measure your activity and make improvements without coughing up for a pricey personal trainer.

And not all fitness apps offer the same few functions. With the vast range of apps on offer, you can decide what you need out of your app and find one that suits you. Pokémon Go and Superhero Workout can turn fitness into a game. Or, if you’re feeling a little philanthropic, the app Charity Miles measures the distance you run and donates money to a charity of your choice accordingly.

These apps are designed to make fitness fun and stop it from being just another chore. They encourage you to push yourself further by taking what you’re already doing it and putting a fun new spin on it.

For more information about healthy weights and weight loss, check out Need2Know’s Essential Guide to Men’s Fitness in 15 Minutes, a ’unique’ fifteen minute plan means that anyone from 18 – 80 can quickly reach their optimum fitness level in just 15 minutes a day. You can also visit Fitin15 for easy exercises that will keep you fit.


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